Connection types

What use are even the best pipes and fittings if they cannot be connected together or are very difficult to connect together?

Essentially, almost all connection types are possible in the processing of Fiberpipe pipes. The most common are ADHESION, LAMINATING, BELL & SPIGOT and assembly of flange connections!


The bonding technology is the most common way of manufacturing a pipeline from pipes and fittings around the world. For this purpose, the pipes are cut to length, the bonding surfaces roughened, the adhesive applied, the end of the pipe pushed into the bushing, fixed and then tempered.

This quick and cost-efficient method of assembly has proven itself over the last 20 years across the world and is undoubted today.

Laminate connection

The laminate connection is the classic way of joining GRP parts together. Anyone who has already repaired their car, boat, surfboard or something similar with GRP should be confident with this procedure. Here the surface is also roughened and then resin impregnated glass mats and fibre cloth are applied according to the specifications. After the desired wall thickness has been achieved, the laminate is allowed to dry, cure and the connection can be immediately charged.

Bell & Spigot connection

The plug-in connection is particularly well-suited to longer distances. In the case of this type of connection, there is a groove for the locking rod in the bushing area of the pipes and one or two O rings. The procedure is designed as follows: the pipes are plugged together and then the heated locking rod is driven through the corresponding groove. The fittings are also joined to the pipe with adhesive in this type of connection.

Flange connection

All standard flange connections can also be presented with Fiberpipe pipe systems.

Whether a fixed flange, DIN, ISO, GRP collar or loose flange, galvanized steel, polypropylene coated or special flange… anything is possible.

Special connections

Fiberpipe or Fibercast pipe systems stand out for a large degree of variation with connection type.

Whether Straub, Mewa, Gruvlock or anything else, feel free to put us to the test.